1995 Perform Survey in Uttar Pradesh

A Report

The perform (project evaluation review for organizational resource management) survey was designed and undertaken to measure indicators for ifps benchmarks in 28 districts of uttar pradesh. Main objective of perform survey was to identify needs and measure improvements in access, quality and demand for family planning and reproductive health services in uttar pradesh.the survey was also designed to measure ifps benchmark indicators at 3 levels :

  • Public and private service delivery points
  • Service providers staffing the facilities
  • The client population, represented by married women of reproductive age

It gives estimates for the state as well as regional, divisional and district level estimates for the 28 districts.

This document also serves as a yardstick to quantify progress against baseline levels of access, quality and demand established by the survey. The survey findings have also greatly helped to design strategic interventions in the ifps project. The first part of this document throws light on the methodology, including the survey design, the sample design and the sample composition, employed in the survey. Further, it discusses a set of reproductive health and quality indicators which have been defined and described at length. These indicators are:

  • Fertility
  • Contraceptive practice
  • Service utilization
  • Public sector - access, quality & demand
  • Private sector - access, quality & demand

The survey findings against each indicator are depicted in the form of data tables together with explanations for the same. The document concludes with a summary of the survey findings and their implications for the ifps project.

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