IFPS-I Project : Objectives

Various activities of SIFPSA pivot around the broad objective of increasing access, improving quality and promoting demand of reproductive and child health services.

Primary Goal

The primary goal of the IFPS Project is to assist the state of Uttar Pradesh in reducing the rate of population growth to a level consistent with its social and economic objectives. In this long term goal, it is implied that there is a need to lower the level of fertility significantly. Specifically, the IFPS-I Project started in 1992 aims to reduce fertility from 4.8 in 1993 to 3.9 in 2004. To achieve this, the contraceptive prevalence rate is to be increased from 18.5 percent in 1993 to 35 percent in 2004.

Other Important Goals

Other important goals were to increase the percentage of pregnant women receiving ante-natal care from 30 to 40 percent and the percentage of deliveries assisted by trained providers from 17 to 30 percent. Project activities were also directed to expand immunization coverage of children. Looking at the change in these indicators in the last 40 year, these goals were, indeed ambitious.


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