Mass Media Compaign

Aao Batein Karein

SIFPSA launched a multi-media communication campaign in UP to generate demand for reproductive health services. The campaign titled, "Aao, Batein Karein" (Come, Let's talk), is illustrated by the Tota and Mynah, birds derived from folklore, which are recognized in UP as secular symbols associated with story telling. The campaign intended to stimulate a dialogue on family planning between young couples, between providers and clients, and has been used to raise awareness and knowledge of family planning methods and allay myths and misconceptions. The campaign theme and the logo were chosen based on research findings that lack of discussion about family planning is the main reason for fears and myths associated with various methods of contraception.

Campaign Objectives
  • To desensitize the issue of family planning and trigger open dialogue among couples, other family members and within the community
  • To present couples with a choice of spacing methods and encourage them to choose a suitable method
  • Address the specific fears and concerns among couples regarding spacing methods
  • Highlight the health benefits of spacing
  • Equip service providers with informational and counselling materials to enhance the quality of interpersonal communication
Selected Audience

The primary audience for the campaign are couples in the age group 17-25, currently not using contraception. Using interpersonal counselling techniques, frontline service providers are reaching out to couples in 15 priority districts. Complementing this have been performances by folk troupes in villages.

Television Spots

Four types of spots – one on the campaign theme and three method specific spots were developed. The spots use the concept of a folk troupe visiting different villages, conveying messages in an entertaining manner. While the campaign theme spot establishes the importance of 'talk' using the familiar birds- Tota and Mynah, the method specific spots attempt to dispel myths and fears related to use of spacing contraceptives. These were aired on popular programmes reaching the intended audience on local as well as regional television networks.

Radio Spots

Nine types of radio spots – one on the campaign theme, two types on each of the spacing methods, i.e. six method-specific and one each aimed at the Pradhan and the health worker were produced. Four of these were similar to the TV spots for synergy and identification with the campaign. The spots were released on primary channels of All India Radio as well as on Vividh Bharti.

Newpaper Advertisements

Five types of advertisements aimed at advocacy were designed – one promoting the campaign theme and one each aimed at generating support from doctors, journalists, pradhans and health workers. English and Hindi dailies with the maximum reach published the advertisements as per a pre-determined media plan. The advertisement design included a coupon that the readers could mail in for further information regarding the family planning programme – the response to this has been overwhelming with doctors, journalists and students conveying their interest and support for the programme.

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