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The Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. Of India initiated the mother NGO (MNGO) scheme in the ninth five-year plan (1997- 2002) as part of Reproductive and Child Health programme. Under this scheme, the DoFW identified and sanctioned grants to selected NGOs called Mother NGOs in allotted district/s. These MNGOs, in turn, provide support to smaller NGOs, known as field NGOs (FNGOs), in the selected districts. The grants were to be used for promoting the goals/ objectives as outlined in the RCH programme of Govt. of India.

The underlying philosophy of the mother NGO scheme has been one of nurturing and capacity building. Broadly, the objectives of the scheme are:

  • Addressing the gaps in information dissemination in RCH services in the project area
  • Building strong institutional capacity at the state, district / field level
  • Advocacy and awareness generation on RCH issues

In addition to capacity building and nurturing small NGOs, the scheme focuses on addressing the unmet RCH needs. This is possible by involving NGOs in delivery of RCH services in underserved or unserved areas through government infrastructure.

To address the specific needs to achieve the objectives laid down in MNGO scheme, it was imperative to establish a resource system that can cater in capacity building and providing technical assistance to the MNGOs, NGOs, FNGOs involved in strengthening the RCH service delivery. In Uttar Pradesh, SIFPSA has been identified as RRC by Govt of India. The role of SIFPSA as RRC UP in general are as follows:

  • Capacity building of NGOs in private public partnership and networking
  • Share experience / skills in conducting surveys/ FGD, monitoring and providing technical assistance for capacity building
  • Sensitize the NGOs and stakeholders about RCH service delivery strategies
  • Ability to streamline the MIS/Reporting system
  • Specific regional RCH issues will be addressed through training, technical assistance and nurturing of NGOs
  • Identifying best practice centre and documentation
Strengths of SIFPSA as RRC-UP
  • SIFPSA is currently operates in entire state of Uttar Pradesh through Divisional PMUs under NRHM, with the objective of increasing access to, enhancing quality of, and demand generation for various RCH services.
  • Establishing partnership with Public and Private Sector in awareness generation, service delivery for ensuring quality service delivery.
  • Capacity Building of government and non-governmental organisations, cooperatives to improve efficiency in the field of clinical and non-clinical aspects of RCH issues.
  • SIFPSA has technical expertise in project formulation, implementation and management of RCH by various government and non-government organisations.
  • Well established NGO MIS system for tracking programme performance.
  • Field-tested and updated training modules for clinical and non-clinical aspects of RCH i.e. clinic based family planning training (CBFPT), non scalpel vasectomy (NSV), traditional birth attendant training (TBA), infection prevention (IP), inter personal counseling (IPC), panchayati raj institutions training (PRI) and other grass-root workers.
  • Promotion of contraceptive social marketing (CSM) of condoms, pills and other RCH products by various implementing agencies such as HLL, PSI, DKT and HLLFPPT.
The mission statement of RRC

"To create an enabling environment for empowerment and demand generation for quality RCH service delivery and facilitate access in the unserved and underserved areas"

Objectives of RRC
  • Provide assistance and support to state RCH society, state NGO coordinator, Uttar Pradesh.
  • Facilitate networking and sharing of experiences and lessons learned among NGOs, Government of India, state, district & local government & other RRCs
  • Capacity Building of government and non-governmental organisations, cooperatives to improve efficiency in the field of clinical and non-clinical aspects of RCH issues.
  • Capacity building of mother/field/service NGOs by providing:

    • Support for project development, training in program and technical areas & dissemination of relevant training & communication materials
    • Access to a database of technical and human resources relevant to RCH interventions
    • Field visits for technical assistance, conducting ongoing training needs assessment and follow-up of effectiveness of inputs
    • Platform for advocacy to facilitate Govt-NGO networking

  • Provide inputs to state Government/ Government of India to enable policy modification/ formulation for NGO programmes
Activities by RRC UP
  • Conduct field appraisal of NGOs and Service NGOs as per GoI guidelines
  • Promote capacity building of 35 MNGO and 64 existing field MNGOs represent 45 districts of UP MNGO/ FNGOs
  • Taking part in the selection of MNGOs as a member of NGO selection committee of State RCH Society
  • Develop strategy plan for MNGO scheme
  • Providing time to time technical assistance to all MNGO/ FNGOs
  • Organize workshop on district RCH composite proposal
  • Support to MNGO, FNGOs in developing district RCH composite proposals
  • Advocacy activities under the umbrella of NRHM
  • Regular coordination with state NGO cell, NRHM functionaries and other stake holders
  • Maintain data base of state MNGO, FNGOs
  • Newsletter release and disseminating the information on the scheme
  • Continue timely reporting on the necessary data to GoI and GoUP as and when needed.

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