IFPS-I Project : Performance

The IFPS Project rapidly moved towards achievement of its objectives. There has been remarkable progress which is evident from various evaluation studies and surveys.

Spacing Methods

USAID conducted a survey in 1999 to evaluate NGO activity. It showed that in 15 districts where SIFPSA worked with NGOs, the modern spacing method use had almost doubled in three and half years. This clearly brought out that the Project had begun to make an impact.

Contraceptive Prevalence Rate (CPR)

A survey conducted in October-2003 by USAID for tracking the performance of the IFPS project showed a marked improvement in 33 districts where SIFPSA activities were concentrated. In 1995, the CPR was 20.9 percent in these 33 districts. It is worth-mentioning that performance (annualized increase) in SIFPSA area is better to the counterpart figure for the entire state by 31 per cent. Moreover, the performance on spacing methods indicator in SIFPSA area is better than entire U.P. performance by 50 percent.

This shows that RCH services are growing rapidly and SIFPSA funded projects are contributing significantly to family planning use in U.P.


IFPS - II Project

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