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IFPS Project in Uttar Pradesh was operational (UP) since 1992. The IFPS II project began in September 2004 and is currently scheduled to end on September 30, 2008.

The following are key achievements of IFPS II during its first three years of implementation:

  • IFPS II has evolved to achieve policy consistency and convergence with the objectives of the National Rural Health Mission (NHRM). Activities planned in coordination with other development partners in support of NHRM, such as support for the National Health Systems Resource Center (NHSRC), have led to USAID being regarded as an important partner at the national as well as state level in UP.
  • Beginning with IFPS I, substantial capacity has been developed in SIFPSA, Important programs piloted by SIFPSA during IFPS I have been adopted and expanded to some extent as part of NRHM including Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Camps, Quality Improvement programs, District Action Plans, and the use of community based volunteers, now called Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs). With expansion, some quality issues have emerged that need attention.
  • Changes in the national policy environment with respect to public-private partnerships have enabled IFPS II to initiate some innovative pilot activities and establish flexible mechanisms to test and learn lessons from those pilots for eventual expansion through NRHM. NGO programs have continued on at a reduced scale and are still producing useful results.
  • IFPS II has also initiated some excellent behavior change communication activities including mass media support at the national level, and campaigns at the state level in support of various components of the program.
  • Community volunteers such as Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHAs), and Outreach Volunteers (ORVs) within NGO programs, are demonstrating that with good training, regular support and guidance they are able to function well as community motivators and service providers.
  • Social marketing efforts are continuing to produce good results and are making pills and condoms more readily accessible to wider population groups in UP.


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