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Sunehere Sapne Sanwarti Rahein

SIFPSA developed 26 episodes of Radio drama series titled "Sunehare Sapne Sanwarti Rahein" on NHM schemes and role of ASHA for generating awareness among rural masses. The health educating messages are woven in interesting story line. The objectives of this audio campaign is to promote the habit of listening and accept the NHM services among the listeners. Secondly this audio campaign also facilitates in adding skills and to develop personality of ASHAs.

Campaign Strategy :
  • To make the program interactive and to generate interest 525 listener groups (Shrota sangs) were formed at village level managed by selected ASHAs.
  • Post box 411 was also opened in GPO Lucknow to get the feedback and queries from Shrota Sanghs and general public.
  • Broadcast of "SUNHERE SAPNE SAWARTI RAHEIN" was aired from December to June 2016 through 12 primary channels of AIR.s
  • To promote the habit of continuous listening announcement were made in each episode that quiz question will be asked in any upcoming episode.
  • Two quiz questions were asked during the airing of program in 9th and 20th episodes.
  • Winners name for quiz questions were announced in 14th and 25th episodes.
  • Award for selected 20 ASHAs were announced in 25th episode for the best performing shriota sangh.
  • List of winning shrota sangh and names of winners were also announced during the broadcast of program.

Thousands of letters are received from all parts of U.P in post box 411 GPO Lucknow. Listeners are appreciating the characters and their behavior. ASHAs are very much thrilled to listen the series and respect provided to ASHA in the village Jagat ganj. They are ready to accept the nature, behavior, and vocabulary of ASHA introduced in the program. After getting the success and because of public demand SIFPSA is again producing new 26 episodes of Radio Drama.

Winner of Shrota Sangh ASHAs:
S.N. ASHAs  Name & Address received awards District
1. Ms. Asha Devi, Vill. Babli Jalaun
2. Ms. Malti devi, village and post Nariyav Ambedkarnagar
3. Ms. Savitri Pathak, village and post Ram garh Sonbhadra
4. Ms. Savita Singh, Vill. Ramnager Faizabad
5. Ms. Meera pandey, village Deoria ghus Deoria
6. Ms. Suseta Sengar, Vill. Litavali, Block Rampura.  Jalaun
7. Ms. Reena Pandey Viilage post tikariya Jangal Gorakhpur
8. Ms. Rita, Umari shrota sangh, Vill. Umari Sultanpur
9. Ms. Mamta Singh, Vill. Post Joura Bazar Kushi Nagar
10 Ms. Anuradha, Vill. Sirsakalaar Jalaun
11 Ms. Sunita Verma, Simbhavali Hapur
12 Ms. Nitesh Senger, Manipur Aligarh
13 Ms. Rina Devi, village – Bankatiya dube Deoria
14 Ms. Brijesh Devi, Village Sadhopur Gautambuddh Nagar
15 Ms. Rashmi, Bharangpur Hapur
16 Ms. Bharti Devi, vill. & Post Harauli Jalaun
17 Ms. Pinki Rani, Vill.- Bambabar Gautam buddh Nagar
18 Ms. Mukesh Kumari, Vill. Kasampur Moradabad
19 Ms. Gayatri Devi, Vill. & Post Kaith Jalaun, UP
20 Ms. Babli Kushwaha, Vill. Sujanpur Jalaun-285206, UP
Winners of quiz questions
S.No. Name of winners District
1. Ms. Beena Jain Shri Sai Shrota Sangh, Badangpur Hapur
2. Ms. Usha Devi, vill. naya gaon Kanth Moradabad
3. Ms. Rupali, vill. & post buderna Amrioha
4. Ms. Shipra Saxena, tyor khas post Rasidabad Tivariyan, Kayam ganj Frukhhabad
5. Ms. Akansha, Babli shrota sangh, post Barkhera Jalaun
6. Ms. Himani Chauhan, Vill. Kasampur, Post-Kanth Moradabad
7. Ms. Rajeshwari Bachhlauta, Sri Sai Rashtriya Shrota Sangh, Bharangpur Hapur
8. Ms. Keshri Mishra, Vill. Narharpur, Post Sengri, Purushottampur, Block Bhadyan Sultampur
9. Ms. Amravati, Block Baskhari Ambedkar Nagar
10 Mr. Ram Sanjivan Yadav, Vill. Shamsuddinpur, Post Dharmpur, Dharshan Faizabad
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New Radio Drama series with New Story-line on RMNCH+A. Every Wednesday 1.15pm - 1.45pm on
all primary channels of All India Radio.

Episode 1 (27.09.2017) Download
Episode 2 (04.10.2017) Download
Episode 3 (11.10.2017) Download
Episode 4 (18.10.2017) Download
Episode 5 (25.10.2017) Download
Episode 6 (01.11.2017) Download
Episode 7 (08.11.2017) Download
Episode 8 (15.11.2017) Download
Episode 9 (22.11.2017) Download
Episode 10 (29.11.2017) Download
Episode 11 (6.12.2017) Download
Episode 12 (13.12.2017) Download

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