Experiences of Reproductive and Child Health (RCH) Camp in Uttar Pradesh

Author: Aradhana Johri, J.S. Deepak, R.B. Gupta

Access to reproductive health services on a regular basis at the service delivery points is the ultimate objective of the RCH programme. Yet given the limited capacity and resource constraints of the health system, achieving the objective will take some time. In the interim period to ensure access and provision of high quality services to the remote areas, the RCH camp approach is being adopted by the state of UP.

These camps provide an assortment of family planning and related reproductive and child care services for the entire family on an assured predetermined calendar through block level CHCs/PHCs. The blue print for the optimum management of these camps is being done by SIFPSA. The paper outlines the concept, objectives, and strategy to ensure "camp" access to quality family planning and related reproductive health services and its experience with the approach, while the public system readies itself over the next few years to provide regular services through CHCs and PHCs.

Presented / Published

Paper presented at a National Workshop on Developing a Model for RCH Camps in India, UNFPA / SIFPSA, October 30 - 31, 1999 Nainital

Key Words: RCH camps, Accessibility, Uttar Pradesh