Management of Family Welfare Programme

Author: J.S. Deepak

The effectiveness of family planning service delivery depends upon the efficient performance of a constellation of activities. Laying down appropriate policies is one of them. However, the existence of a good policy is a necessary but not sufficient condition for the success of a programme. To ensure effective translation of policy into action, it is important to have sound operational policies.

This paper analyzes the operational policy issues that act as a barrier to efficient and effective delivery of reproductive health services. The key operational policy issues discussed pertain to 1) organization structure; 2) personnel transfer; 3) infrastructure maintenance; 4) contraceptive distribution; 5) vehicle management; 6) urban health system and infrastructure; 7) family welfare management information system; 8) use of survey data for programme planning; and 9) client and health service provider interaction.

Presented / Published

Paper presented at a workshop on Population Policy for Uttar Pradesh : Identification of Issues, March 2-4, 2000 Lucknow

Key Words: Management, Operational Policies, Family Welfare Programme